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User Experience Design has become increasingly recognised by employers and businesses as an important, strategic role in the delivery of successful digital products. The ability to identify user problems and solve usability issues is integral to any successful product or digital experience. 

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

The UX Design Industry in Australia




Median salary for a
Mid-Weight UXer^

Jobs Available in Australia^

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^According to indeed.com

“User Experience Design looks at how we engage with humans, their emotions, and their empathic connection to determine what to put into a digital product.”

- Robert Williams,
Lead UX Designer at Academy Xi  

UX is an emerging discipline – applying popular concepts from Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking. This specialised course helps you understand how digital products are created and experienced through multiple touchpoints. Be a pioneer in Ux with our online course.

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What you'll learn

Using the fine art of research, learn how to apply industry-specific techniques such as one-on-one interviews, surveys, and desk research. With hypotheses, insights, and facts you’ll confidently answer the question: “what problem am I solving?”

Introduction to User Experience Design

Uncover User Experience Design and its importance. Understand how you 'do' UX Design and what can be solved in applying a UX process and principles. 

The Big Vision and Customer Journey Mapping

Learn how to create a vision and success process by creating Empathy and Customer Journey Maps to understand user pain and delight points.

Feedback and Validation

Using widely used testing techniques, you’ll learn how to plan for a testing session, create scenarios and tasks, note-take, and observe. 

Competitor Analysis

Learn how to rapidly piece together customer insights by creating a compelling set of personas. Generate feature ideas and transform these features (no matter how outlandish) into a rudimentary project plan. 

Prototyping and Communication

Never settle for what’s been done before! Learn the best communication practices and techniques by creating User Stories and User Flows to effectively demonstrate your ideas and designs.

Here's a preview of the course syllabus. 

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